Innaxon, s.r.o seeks to grow through collaborations, partnerships and new ventures.

Where appropriate, we pursue key technology and product licensing/acquisition strategies to build our future value. By implementing this strategy, we will continue in its quest to become a leading provider of smart (bio-)pharmaceutical products, which modulate the master key of the innate immune system -Toll-like Receptor 4- to serve serious, unmet medical needs.

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Product/technology development opportunities that are of interest to Innaxon fall into the following commercial areas:

  • Therapeutic Vaccines and Adjuvants
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Immunotherapy of Cancer
  • Anti-inflammatories

If you have any questions about Innaxon Business Development activities, please contact:

Innaxon, s.r.o.
Inovační 122, Hodkovice
252 41 Zlatníky-Hodkovice
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 607 701 032